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Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing

View ending sequence and credits:
Enter PV2JTFBK4Y696H4DXY as a password. ---------------------------------------- Race Password South Africa WN4FYLLJPYBVXJYJCL Mexico FBTSW6PJ.3B71G4N9L Brazil DWGZQ45YNHDNH6TC6X Spain 9062FXYLL8GQFQNR37 San Marino J8TMRPNMLRJJZBXFKX Monaco XT1S.6CSV1ZSTRPDXX Canada 22G1D5ZW0ZXXYHF9SX France J2VPQW4FX2Q87PCZQX Great Britain C.HJ3V6BFN24.X0.L5 Germany ZS8NJ1.41YTXC3HT1T Hungary M10WVQGNK8386K62QH Belgium DYB5KD4XKK1NFX712H Italy ZG4127FD25WSFRW8MH Portugal NCL8N57VXWWCX.K5HD Japan FC74KJBVJ330993KV3 Australia J1WQ57218P5T2866MY Note: The passwords are for arcade difficulty and offer a status of a first place finish in every previous race. Select the Australia race to win the Championship.

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