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NBA Jam: Tournament Edition

Baby Mode 
At the Tonight's Match-Up screen, press Y, B, Y, B, Y, B. 

Bonus Players 
To enter any of these players, hold L + R while entering their initials. 

PLAYER            INITIALS        PLAYER            INITIALS
Sequoia           SAW Apr 10      Hill              ZIG Apr 7
Kirby             CHR Dec 18      Snake             SNK Jun 15
Larry Bird        LAR Jan 15      J Moon            JAY Aug 24
Charlotte Hornet  HOR Jun 12      Brutah            GOW Jul 17
Phoenix Gorilla   APE Apr 2       Weasel            DAN Jan 2
Adrock            ADR Apr 6       Fumungus          GUN Jan 11
MC Adam Yauch     MCA Apr 9       Kabuki            KUB Apr 14
Mike D            M_D Jul 1       Max               LIZ Aug 7
Bill Clinton      BIL Jun 3       Boo-Boo           THI Nov 1
Prince Charles    CHA May 4       Pistol            WAN Jun 10
Frank Thomas      FNK Jan 8       Carlton           CAL Mar 25
Magic Hair        STH Dec 8       Divita            DIV Jul 3
Chow Chow         CHD May 5       Goskie            GOS Jan 6
Air Dog           AIR Jan 21      Liptak            LIP Jan 14
Hodgeson          HOG Dec 31      Turmell           TUR Jan 31
Jax               JAX Mar 1       Fresh Prince      FRS Feb 2
Rivett            REV Jul 6       Jazzy Jeff        JAZ Oct 9
Catling           CAT Jan 2       Heavy D           HEA Jan 9
Hutchinson        BAR Apr 9       Hillary Clinton   HIL Nov 6
D Falcus          DAZ Aug 6       Benny             BEN Sep 20
Tunnicliff        SAT May 7       Blaze             BLZ Jan 14
J Falcus          JAS Nov 16      Crunch            WOL Mar 7
Mad Mike          MUS Dec 24      Gordon            GOR Jul 3
McHugh            BAA Jul 12      Renaldo           REN Feb 4
Gray              ROB Feb 23      Shelley           SHY Jun 8
Higgins           TOM Feb 19      Moore             MOE Jun 8

Cheat Codes 
For some special effects, enter one or more of the following codes 
at the Tonight's Matchup screen. 

Effect          Code
Mammoth Head     B, A, Y, C - Repeat 5 times
Baby Mode        B, Y - Repeat 5 times
Big Head         B, C, Y, A - Repeat 5 times
On Fire          B, B, DOWN, DOWN, A, A, UP, LEFT
Defense          RIGHT, UP, DOWN, RIGHT, DOWN, UP
Quick Hands      LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, Y, RIGHT
Shot Percentage  UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, A
Short Players    X+A+Z+R

Full Court Dunks 
Press LEFT, Right, C, Y, Y, C. 

Full Rosters 
For a full team roster, hold L + R and enter the initials, "FIN Jan 1". 
Giant Head Mode 
At the Tonight's Match-up screen, press Up, Down, Up, Down, Turbo, Shoot. 

Giant Mode 
At the Tonight's Match-Up screen, press A then press C seven times. 

Power Up Fire 
At the Tonight's Match-Up screen, press Down, Right, Right, Y, A, Left. 

Prevent the Computer from Shooting 
When you're playing defense, hold Turbo and rapidly press Pass. 
The other team's players will not be able to shoot and will continue 
to pass to each other until your Turbo runs out.

Note: This code only works when you're playing against the computer.

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