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World Championship Snooker 2002

Always win:
Enter CHAMP458 as your name. 

Fine shot adjustment:
Hold L2 while adjusting the shot direction to 
move the pointer more precisely. 

Look around table:
Hold R1 while adjusting the shot direction. 

Adjust camera angle:
Hold L1 while adjusting the shot direction. 

Overhead view:
Hold Triangle while lining up a shot. 

Hold Circle + Up or Down to put backspin on the ball. 

Side spin:
Hold Circle + Left or Right to put side spin on the ball. 

Change shot height:
Hold Square while lining up a shot. This also can be 
used to make illegal shots. For example, hit the ball 
very far past the middle to chip it or break very fast 
to hit a ball off the table. 

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