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Klonoa 2

Play as Mometsuto:
Successfully complete the game to unlock 
Mometsuto as a playable character.

Boss battle:
Successfully complete the fairground levels to 
unlock a new area that allows you to battle 
previously defeated Bosses. 

Bonus levels:
Collect all six stars in a level to get a Momett doll. 
A bonus level will be unlocked after you have 
accumulated eight and sixteen dolls. 

Picture gallery:
Successfully complete the fairground levels to unlock 
an option for a picture gallery. Collect all 150 gems 
in a level to unlock its pictures in the gallery.

Music test:
Complete the either bonus level to unlock songs in the 
music box option. 

Vision select:
Successfully complete the game and save. Start another 
game, then press R1 to display the status screen. 
You can now select any level by using the "Vision Selector" option. 

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