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Flying Heroes

Cheat mode:
Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the
corresponding cheat function.

Effect                                  Code 
Acid Rain                               niardica  
Agmines                                 senimga 
Armageddon                              noddegamra  
Cloak                                   kaolc 
Death Cloud                             duolchtaed  
Disorientate                            tsooberif  
FallFire                                erifllaf 
Fire boost                              tsooberif  
Fireball                                llaberif 
Flash                                   hsalf 
Full ammo                               ommalluf  
Full health                             htlaehlluf  
Full mana                               anamlluf  
Gas Barrel                              lerrabsag  
Iceball                                 llabeci 
Invisible                               elbisivni  
Metal Star                              ratslatem  
Teleporter                              retropelet  
Xemines                                 senimex 
Set fire                                eriftes 
Splash acid                             dicahsalps  
$50,000 at ship purchase screen         yenom  
Freeze all                              llaezeerf  

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