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Cheat mode:
Type one of the following codes at the main menu to activate the 
corresponding cheat function.

Effect                      Code 
Secret missions*            pantalon  
Fast civilian traffic       benihill  
Enable sirens               woowoo  
Unlimited shields2          doobies  
Unlimited ammo**            mrticky  
Display debug info          stattoe  
Bonus camera angle***       supacam  

*   Enter the training menu to access six secret missions, including driving 
    a car and controlling a combat droid.
**  The game will not progress past the current mission when this code is 
*** The camera angle will switch to a close-up of an enemy vehicle when it 
    is destroyed. 

Level select:
Type one of the following codes to begin game play at the corresponding 
level. Note: The game will not progress past the current mission when these 
codes are used.

Level       Code 
1           madgav  
2           dolman  
3           sonagav  
4           aceduf  
5           jojogun  
6           wenski  
7           saeggy  
8           mazman  
9           dazman  
10          delucs  
11          andoooo  
12          kimbchs  
13          andymac  
14          yerman  
15          ollieb  
16          theyolk  
17          tonymash  
18          andycrow  
19          bionic  
20          tslater  
21          iainthod  
22          jonritz  
23          clairec  
24          stevebot  
25          angusf  
26          euanlec  
27          edfire  
28          stubomb  
29          thonboy  
30          jimmac  
31          pugger  
32          rossco  
33          cakeboy  
34          niknak  
35          saglord  

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