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Battle Of Olympus

Enter one of the following passwords to begin game play with the corresponding item(s), plus all items listed above that entry. Item(s) Password Sandals, 1 Ambrosia ZALtRX Q:MPnLA 2enrbl H1z7P!Q Harp, 2 Ambrosia 3u2Lz7 0IqxFFa SAFNlr tZlvBnu Staff of Fennel U6EU2e ZrFmOyp h18Sqw SimIaIg Red Sword smxX9p CUeNpJ8 0cZ3Re gMwCUii Flask, Ocarina, 3 Ambrosia zEfS4k fxDoMsj b36Ukz VhNr7bf 1 Nymph, Key 7!9Gu2 zFv622P HNooIv XXDxBPw Blue Sword 63VW8o DVfMoI9 1dY2Yd ZVZfygz Bracelet qLVHVb UmITjnc UCDOmP u9tLes! Fire Shield, 3 Nymphs FYgzx1 wCsvHrg Y8HKiT qrwGb3K All items (ready for Hades) 6!8SQW RjNOmKB 3fmrzC 5WFz0Uk

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