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Sword Of Vermilion

Sound test:
Press A + B + C on controller two at the opening screen. Super armor class:
Take the Old Nick armor from the cave to the east of Hastings, but do not wear it. Return to Swaffham and find Raphael's Stick. Wear the armor, to raise your armor class at the cost of being cursed. Use Raphael's Stick to remove the curse. Your armor class will now be lower. Remove the armor. Repeat the process of wearing the armor, using the stick, and removing the armor until your armor class is below zero, then very high, then below zero again. Remove the armor to stay at an armor class of over 9000. At this level, your character will only take one point of damage per hit from any opponent, including Tsarkon. Super strength:
Keep the bronze sword. Find the Dark Sword or Death Sword and accumulate several thousand Kim. Locate a priest and equip either of the two cursed swords. Pay the priest to remove the curse. Your strength will be lower. Repeat the process of equipping the sword and removing the curse until your strength is below zero, then above 5000. Equip the bronze sword. Your strength will remain above 2500 until your reach the next level. From that point on, your strength will remain at 1500. Equip the bronze sword before going up a level to avoid losing strength bonuses from magic swords. A strength of 1500 will allow almost all opponents to be killed with one hit.

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