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Super Monaco GP

Hit flag man:
When finishing a race in first, second, or third place, hit the man that is waving the checkered flag. You will finish the race with no points awarded. Head trophy:
Complete several races until reaching the "Wet Condition" track. Finish within the top three positions. The driver will hold up his head in place of the trophy. View end sequence:
Enter 0Q76 2ILM F200 0000 0010 H10F B324 5D76 CA89 EGC1 0000 0002 0000 0000 F200 2CAC as a password and crash to view the ending sequence. Last race:
Enter 15G2 B3E4 DJ00 0000 000H 00J2 C4H7 658A B9DE FOH9 1000 0041 0000 0000 F200 71D7 as a password.

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