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Cheat mode:
Highlight the "Level" selection on the options screen. Hold Start on controller two and A + B + C on controller one. Hold those buttons and press Up/Right on controller one. The value in the "Level" selection will change to "!!!" to confirm correct code entry. Enter one of the following controller actions for the corresponding cheat effect.
Web refill
Pause game play and press A.
Full life
Pause game play and press B.
Pause game play and press C for five seconds of invincibility.
Level skip
Pause game play and press A + B + C.
First Boss short-cut:
Begin game play under the Nightmare difficulty level. Enter the first level warehouse and move to the right, past the first thug and the German Shepherd. Jump on the first crate and crawl through the crate on the right to reach the forklift Boss.

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