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Cheat mode:
Press B, A, Down, A, Start(2) at the warning screen. A shout will confirm correct code entry. Enter one of the following passwords to enable the corresponding effect.
Enter MONEY as a password.
Three best weapons
Enter THRASH as a password.
Grade 5 equipment
Enter ARMOR as a password.
Three nitro bursts
Enter SPEED as a password.
Washington D.C. level
Enter CAPITAL as a password.
New York level
Enter LIBERTY as a password.
Chicago level
Enter PIZZA as a password.
Detroit level
Enter CARS as a password.
Super password:
Enter 0YZ4 FOSQ PAYK as a password for $10,000, a chain, two electric rods, and 100% health. Level skip:
Find a speed limit sign that is on the ground. Jump into the sign if a hamburger sign is next and the fallen sign is on the edge of the road. Your character will appear behind finish line of a new track. Note: Using this trick may result in a previously completed level.
Level Password Chicago CBSL GSLL RTHT Denver FTKK FOGO GT0I Detroit 5MWZ EOTQ SIDN Los Angeles 5VHT C0Y3 GT3I Miami 05AB 0SFM SSZS New York 4TB4 MOYC 0DMZ San Diego VDRL HFXB YYRU San Francisco SJ0E 1A54 SIJ0 Seattle NA3L PSFB ADF0 Toronto TB3D XRNJ 0SND Washington UAZK W0CH STVV

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