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Shining In The Darkness

Rename characters:
Enter a name that uses all five positions at the name entry screen. Select the "Forward" icon to display another character. Repeat this process to rename all the available characters. Using detox:
When a character is poisoned, use level one detox. It works just as well as level 2 detox, but costs less magic.
Smelling salts:
Always carry smelling salts to prevent your entire party from becoming paralyzed. If this happens, the party will be brought back to the village as if they were dead, and minus some gold. Obtaining Mithril Ore:
The Brikeye monsters will at times drop Mithril Ore after a battle.
Earth Hammer:
After your character becomes the Shining Knight, a weapon known as the Earth Hammer will appear in the alchemist's shop. It can not be equipped by everyone, and can be only be used a few times before breaking. When used, it takes about 75 hit points off of Darksol. The Earth Hammer costs 40,000 gold coins and is not worth buying.
Carrying an Angel Wing:
Always carry an Angel Wing with you, even if an Egress spell is available. Angel Wings do not work during battles, but may be used after a fight, or while moving.

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