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Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures

Pac-Man mini-game:
Enter PCMN0RG as a password. Pac-Jr. mini-game:
Enter PCJRDPW as a password. Sound test:
Enter S0[Pac-Man icon]NDTP as a password. Pattern test:
Enter P[Pac-Man icon]TT[Pac-Man icon]RN as a password. Time trial mode:
Enter TR[Pac-Man icon][Pac-Man icon]LMP as a password. Gum monster:
Enter Q4NV43[Pac-Man icon] as a password. View completion percentage:
Press Start during game play to display the item description screen. Then, press A + C to view the percentage of the game currently completed.
Level Password Sewer 18NSZXP Warehouse HR4S Plant J85S1VP Lab HRM91XR Locked Door J0M9ZVP Industrial Area HHNR1VR Dept. Store 98NSGD6 End of Mine 9M57ZDP End of Mine, part 2 9437ZBM Out of Mine 5RKPZBK

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