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Jurassic Park

Cheat mode:
Enter NYUKNYUK as a password. The text "Second Controller Enabled" will appear to confirm correct code entry. Use the following actions to enable the corresponding cheat. Note: Level select is enabled by default when game play begins.
Walk through walls
Press the D-pad on controller two.
Full life and ammunition
Press A on controller two.
Slow motion
Press B on controller two.
Disable cheat mode
Press Start on controller two.
View ending sequence:
Enter FREIHEIT as a password. Master password:
Enter JP_0_ARK as a password, where the first blank can be G (to play as Grant) or R (to play as the Raptor). Enter a number from 1 to 7 in the second blank to select the corresponding Grant level or a number from 1 to 5 to play the corresponding Raptor level.
Level/Difficulty Dr. Grant Raptor 1 Easy 0HHNSIDK G21G0014 Normal 0RJTRMA6 G21G0025 Hard 08BI9UR7 G21G0036 2 Easy 2BINHKE9 I21G0016 Normal 277166RO I21G0027 Hard 2QMH7DB2 I21G0038 3 Easy 4LBVGIIN (none) Normal 4BFP64V0 (none) Hard 4SNP67FC (none) 4 Easy 66RHEH2P K21G0018 Normal 64DHCDEF K21G0029 Hard 6QLNTNRR K21G003A 5 Easy 8KN0SHUU M21G001A Normal 85BGLNTH M21G002B Hard 8DCIDDR8 M21G003C 6 Easy A717MUP6 (none) Normal AH745EJC (none) Hard A6C8EDJI (none) 7 Easy CPLPHMMG O21G001C Normal C7UBL67U O21G002D Hard C7DH56B7 O21G003E

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