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Jungle Strike

Mission              Password  
Sub attack           RL6YXVTLZYV  
Training ground      9V6HK39W4HS  
Night strike         XT6DBRV76GG  
Puloso City          VNH3TL6HDB6  
Snow fortress        WSDWSCFYVNV  
River raid           THCFKV7NLML  
Mountains            7GBTMJYK3XJ  
Return home          N4SC9WL4SPH  

Super passwords:
Enter one of the following passwords to start at the corresponding mission with ten lives and all co-pilots rescued. Mission Password Sub attack RXVWT74S6KB Training ground 9WT7NL6MHBV Night strike X7NL4SHPG94 Puloso City VL4S6MGCZVH Snow fortress WA6MHPZJFTZ River raid TMHPGCFDYN3 Mountains 7PGCZJYK34X Return home NCZJFD3BR67
Co-pilot passwords:
Enter one of the following passwords to use any co-pilot in the corresponding level. Mission Password Washington D.C. B46HKRWT7SW Sub attack R46HKRWT7SW Training ground 946HKRWT7SW Night strike X6PBV4HPGFR Puloso City V46HKRWT7SW Snow fortress W46HKRWT7SW River raid T6PBV4HPGFR Mountains 746HKRWT7SW Return home N46HKRWT7SW End L46HKRWT7SW

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