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James Pond 3: Operation Starfish

Cheat mode:
Enter Red Cheese, Yellow Mouse, Green Cat, Blue Dog as the first part of a password, followed by any of the following icons for the corresponding effect. Then, leave the password screen and begin a new game.
Add Red Fish to the password sequence.
Unlocked map for unrestricted travel
Add Red Book to the password sequence.
All cheese mines and Stiltanium machines destroyed
Add Red Teacup to the password sequence.
Start with five fish/frogs of energy
Add Red Star to the password sequence.
Start with one fish/frog of energy and one life
Add Red Skull to the password sequence.
Always have X-ray specs
Add Red Dog to the password sequence.
Always start with homing cupcakes on fruit gun
Add Red Cupcake to the password sequence.
Extra lives:
Pause game play when you are about to be hit on your last remaining life. Press A to restart the level. The number of lives remaining should display as "0". Repeat the sequence again and to restart the level with ten lives. Note: The game will end if you do not pause in time when your lives are set to "0". Special jump:
Obtain the jet pack and drop it at the point you wish to jump. Press C + B to pick up the jet pack and jump into the air. Note: This also occurs if the jet pack is empty. Super password:
Enter Blue Fish, Green Wrench, Yellow Cat, Green Car, Yellow Cat, Yellow Cup, Yellow Cat, Green Car, Yellow Cat, Green Car, Yellow Lion, Green Diamond, Blue Diamond, Yellow Hammer, Blue Cheese, Green Arrow as a password.

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