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Fatal Fury 2

Code notes:
The following codes only work with the Takara version of the game. There are no known codes as of yet for the Tiga release. Alternate costume colors:
Press Down, Down/Left, Left, Down/Left, Down, Down/Right, Right + Y at the Takara logo. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Hold Start + B during character selection. Release Start and press the D-pad in any direction. Fight as Bosses:
Begin a one player game. Press Down + Start to select Billy. Press Right to select Axel. Press Right again to select Blood. Press Right again to select Wolfgang Krauser. Unlimited continues:
Hold Up and press A + B + C when the countdown begins on the continue screen. One additional credit will be added to the current total for a maximum of nine. Note: This code may be enabled whenever the remaining credits is less than nine. Alternate ending sequence:
Complete the game under the normal or hard difficulty level without using a continue.

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