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F-22 Interceptor

Cheat mode:
Press B + C during game play. A menu with unlimited firepower, invincibility, automatic targeting, and other options will be displayed. Combat simulator F-22:
Enter GTGAUO as a password, then land your plane. Expert mode:
Enter GPRJCM as a password. Veteran aces:
Enter MGGIGJ as a password.
Level passwords: Mission USA Iraq Korea Russia Aces 1 0HG021 C6G022 7E002E HJ0024 LJG02V 2 0PG06D CEG06L 7M006Q HR412H LNG067 3 0TG0E0 CIG0A4 7Q01AA I701QI LRGOAN 4 11G0I2 CM60EC 8201QS IB02EI LVG0EU 5 15G0MA CUGO1O 8601U4 IF02U6 M3G010 6 19G0UM D2G0U2 8A022D 8A022D M7G0UG 7 1DG163 D6O1EV 8I0TE8 8I02E8 MBG16T 8 1LG1EQ DAO1QM 8M042R 8M042R MFG1EG 9 1PG1M6 DQG2EJ 8Q04MQ 8Q04MQ MJG1MS 10 1TG1UI E2G3AI 8U05MV 8U05NV 11 21G26I E6G428 9A05UK 9A05UK 12 2TG32I EAG5E7 9I06A9 9I06A9 13 31G3UJ EEG5UR 9U06U9 9U06U9 14 35G4A4 EIG6QS A2072C A2072C 15 39G56U EUG7MS A608E4 A608E4 16 3TG5IC F2G7UB AA08IJ KB0CA6 17 41G62K F6G8AS AE08U3 KF0D2N 18 45G6MJ FAG8UR AIF9UU KJ0EUU 19 4TG7A7 FEGAIS AMFB6C KN0EIN 20 5167QL FIKB6I BT0B47 21 59G8EI FQGBUL B60BMN 22 61Q9EM FUGCEA BAFCIL 23 65Q9QA G2GDQL 24 69Q9QA G6U6E 25 6HG9UJ GIUFU0 26 6LGAIJ GMUHAI

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