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Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

Control title screen:
Press A, B, or C to make the beans jump on the title screen. Final stage:
Enter Yellow, Has Bean, Blue, Blue (easy difficulty level) or Purple, Yellow, Has Bean, Clear (normal difficulty level) as a password.
Level Password Hard difficulty 2 Green, Clear Bean, Yellow, Yellow 3 Yellow, Clear Bean, Purple, Clear Bean 4 Blue, Green, Clear Bean, Blue 5 Red, Purple, Green, Green 6 Yellow, Yellow, Clear Bean, Green 7 Purple, Clear Bean, Blue, Blue 8 Clear Bean, Yellow, Has Bean, Yellow 9 Purple, Blue, Blue, Green 10 Clear Bean, Green, Red, Yellow 11 Blue, Yellow, Yellow, Has Bean 12 Green, Clear Bean, Clear Bean, Blue 13 Has Bean, Clear, Purple, Has Bean Hardest difficulty 2 Blue, Blue, Green, Yellow 3 Green, Yellow, Green, Clear Bean 4 Purple, Purple, Red, Has Bean 5 Green, Red, Purple, Blue 6 Blue, Purple, Green, Yellow 7 Blue, Purple, Green, Has Bean 8 Clear Bean, Purple, Has Bean, Yellow 9 Purple, Green, Has Bean, Clear Bean 10 Green, Blue, Yellow, Has Bean 11 Green, Purple, Has Bean, Red 12 Red, Green, Has Bean, Blue 13 Red, Red, Clear Bean, Yellow

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