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Beast Wrestler

Sound test:
Hold A + B + C and press Start at the title screen. The word "Test" will appear to confirm correct code entry. Press Up and Down to change the sounds, A to select a sound, and B to exit sound test mode. Passwords: Status Password SP Attack Magnum Dash (Act 1) vs. Voulsine MONSTERRQYQYQMQQQFAQQK vs. Airhohle MONSTERRQYQYQMQQQVAQSA vs. Ventor MONSTERRAAQYQMWQIGAQSU vs. Dycoon MONSTERRAAQYQMWQPYAQKA vs D-Biton MONSTERRAAAWQMWQPYAQKA SP Attack Magnum Dash (Act 2) vs. Unknown MONSTERRAAAWQMWQPYAQKA vs. Ulvolos MONSTERRAAWADRDIHZQEF vs. Allowena MONSTERRAAAWADRDIUZQRM vs. Octii MONSTERRZXAWADRDIUZQRM vs Ploguraz MONSTERRZXAJADRDIJXQHI vs. Hax-004 MONSTERRZXZXADRFDMXQBK vs. Maclha MONSTERRZXZXADRFDIZQKX vs. Ominos MONSTERRZXZXAJRTWOXQIH vs. Blenadan MONSTERRZXZXAJRTWOXQIH

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