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Altered Beast

Continue game play:
After losing a life, hold A and tap Start until restarting at the last game location played. Options menu:
Hold B and press Start at the title screen. An options menu will appear. Level select:
Enable the "Options menu" code. Select a level from the options menu and hold A + Start at the title screen to begin game play at that location. Beast select:
Hold A + B + C + Down/Left and press Start at the title screen. A menu that allows selection of the beast for each round will appear. Use the D-pad to change beasts and Start to exit the menu. Sound test:
Hold A + C + Up/Right and press Start at the title screen. Interactive credits:
The credits will appear after Athena is rescued. Punch or kick the credits to force them to scroll downward. Two-player mode:
Press Start on controller two to begin game play.

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