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Beat Mania GB

All songs:
Enter UUDDLRLRBA as a password. 

Bonus songs:
Enter one of the following passwords to unlock the corresponding 

Songs                                               Password 

Bigbeat Mix                                         REMIX 
Euro Beat                                           GENERATION  
Bigbeat Mix, Euro beat                              VISUAL  
Disco                                               FEVER 
Disco, Bigbeat Mix                                  SENSE  
Disco, Euro Beat                                    WORLD  
Disco, Bigbeat Mix, Euro beat                       ALLERGO  
Disco, E.N.K.                                       MOTHER  
Disco, E.N.K., Bigbeat mix                          PASSION  
Disco, E.N.K., Euro beat                            NOISY  
Disco, E.N.K., Bigbeat Mix, Euro beat               ALTERNA  
Disco, E.N.K., Classic 3                            RELAXATION  
Disco, E.N.K., Classic 3, Bigbeat Mix               SILENT  
Disco, E.N.K., Classic 3, Euro beat                 MOONLIGHT  
Disco, E.N.K., Classic 3, Bigbeat Mix, Euro beat    KOBEBEEF 

D.J. Battles:
Enter one of the following free mode passwords. 


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