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Status                                      Password
"Addie's Dream"                             Ben, Geena, Addie, Brandywine
"Wild Style Performance"                    Geena, Zach, Zach, Brandywine
Addie discovers the punch is spiked         Brandywine, Geena, Geena, Zach
Addie argues about the talent show          Addie, Geena, Addie, Ben
Addie plays with the Roundabouts            Ben, Addie, Zach, Brandywine
Addie prepares for a party                  Brandywine, Geena, Addie, Ben
Addie receives flyer for the talent show    Brandywine, Zach, Brandywine, Geena
Addie teams up with Cranberry and Maris     Brandywine, Addie, Addie, Zach
Mini-game                                   Ben, Zach, Ben, Addie
End                                         Zach, Brandywine, Addie, Addie
Credits                                     Geena, Ben, Addie, Ben

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