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GT Advance Championship Racing

Status                                      Password 
50% of cars unlocked                        /6Kb /xMi irLM +/22  
High speed mode unlocked                    2QjD +D1Q 9Fy2 5B0C  
All cars and modes unlocked                 S/PD W1/H L8Q8 >VbB  
All cars and modes unlocked                 7ZjG V@RG yhx6 +t9K  
All cars, all tune ups, all classes,
all tracks, both extras                     klxQ y9dQ PT-4 bkH3  
Beginner stage 2                            P5gJ FYwK rPw3 5-cB  
Beginner stage 3                            RYx2 ps4T f%kM g50C  
Beginner stage 4                            VcMJ qDQB FhQM 8@48 

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