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Enable Code Must Be On!
EC8393F8 1456E79B

Infinite Cash Cheat
4D5C5BB6 1456B00C

Maximum HP Toan Cheat
4D5C1676 1456E7DD

Infinite HP Toan Cheat
4D5C1682  1456E7DD

Maximum HP Xiao Cheat
4D5C167C 1456E7DD

Infinite HP Xiao Cheat
4D5C1688 1456E7DD

Maximum HP Goro Cheat
4D5C167A 1456E7DD

Infinite HP Goro Cheat
4D5C1686 1456E7DD

Maximum HP Ruby Cheat
4D5C1680 1456E7DD

Infinite HP Ruby Cheat
4D5C168C 1456E7DD

Maximum HP Ungaga Cheat
4D5C167E 1456E7DD

Infinite HP Ungaga Cheat
4D5C168A 1456E7DD

Maximum HP All Characters Cheat
4D5C1676 1456E7DD
1D5C167C 140EE7DD
1D5C1680 140EE7DD
4D5C1684 1456E7DD

Infinite HP All Characters Cheat
4D5C1682 1456E7DD
1D5C1688 140EE7DD
1D5C168C 140EE7DD
4D5C1690 1456E7DD

Maximum Water Level Toan
4D5C5B5E 145625DD

Infinite Water Toan
0D5C5B76 143625DD
4D5C5B76 145625DD

Maximum Water Level Xiao
4D5C5B62 145625DD

Infinite Water Xiao
0D5C5B7A 143625DD
4D5C5B7A 145625DD

Maximum Fish Points Cheat
4D5CC444 1456089C

Maximum Water Level Goro
4D5C5B66 145625DD

Maximum Water Level Ruby
4D5C5B6A 145625DD

Maximum Water Level Ungaga
4D5C5B6E 145625DD

Maximum Water Level Osmond
4D5C5B72 145625DD

All Characters Weapon 1 Maximum Elements Cheat
3D5C5D93 1456E788
1D5C5D98 F5734488
3D5C663B 1456E788
1D5C6640 F5734488
3D5C70E3 1456E788
1D5C70E8 F5734488
3D5C7D8B 1456E788
1D5C7D90 F5734488
3D598633 1456E788
1D598638 F5734488
3D5990DB 1456E788
1D5990E0 F5734488

Maximum Fi Weapon 1 Toan
3D5C5D93 1456E788

Maximum Ic Weapon 1 Toan
3D5C5D98 1456E788

Maximum Th Weapon 1 Toan
3D5C5D99 1456E788

Maximum Wi Weapon 1 Toan
3D5C5D96 1456E788

Maximum Ho Weapon 1 Toan
3D5C5D97 1456E788

Maximum Dagger Level
4D5C5D7E 1456300C

Maximum Dagger WHP
4D5C5D8C 1456E78C

Infinite Dagger WHP
4D5C5D8E 14562509

Maximum Dagger Stats
1D5C5D84 1473E788
1D5C5D88 1473E788

Maximum Item Slots
0D5C5BD4 1426E79C
4D5C5BD4 14562481

Infinite Items In Item Slot 1
4D5C5BDC 1456E79E

Infinite Items In Item Slot 2
4D5C5BDA 1456E79E

Infinite Items In Item Slot 3
4D5C5BE0 1456E79E

Have My House Norune
4D481F84 1456E7A6

Have Macho's House Norune
4D481E6C 1456E7A6

Have Laura's House Norune
4D482154 1456E7A6

Have Paige's House Norune
4D48203C 1456E7A6

Have Claude's House Norune
4D482024 1456E7A6

Have Hag's House Norune
4D48230C 1456E7A6

Have Alnet's House Norune
4D4822F4 1456E7A6

Have Old Gaffer's Buggy Norune
4D4825DC 1456E7A6

Have Dran's Windmill Norune
4D4824C4 1456E7A6

Have Small Windmill 1 Norune
4D4827AC 1456E7A6

Have Small Windmill 2 Norune
4D482694 1456E7A6

Have Small Windmill 3 Norune
4D48297C 1456E7A6

Have Pond Norune
4D482864 1456E7A6

Have Trees Norune
4D482B4C 1456E7A6

Have Road Norune
4D482A34 1456E7A6

Have River Norune
4D482A1C 1456E7A6

Have Bridge Norune
4D482D04 1456E7A6

Have Pao's House Matataki
4D481F84 1456E7A6

Have Cacao's House Matataki
4D481E6C 1456E7A6

Have Bunbuku's House Matataki
4D482154 1456E7A6

Have Kye & Momo's House Matataki
4D48203C 1456E7A6

Have Baron's House Matataki
4D482024 1456E7A6

Have Couscous' House Matataki
4D48230C 1456E7A6

Have Gob's House Matataki
4D4822F4 1456E7A6

Have Mushroom House Matataki
4D4825DC 1456E7A6

Have Well 1 Matataki
4D4824C4 1456E7A6

Have Well 2 Matataki
4D4827AC 1456E7A6

Have Well 3 Matataki
4D482694 1456E7A6

Have Watermill 1 Matataki
4D48297C 1456E7A6

Have Watermill 2 Matataki
4D482864 1456E7A6

Have Watermill 3 Matataki
4D482B4C 1456E7A6

Have Wise Owl Shop Matataki
4D482A34 1456E7A6

Have Tree Matataki
4D482A1C 1456E7A6

Have River Matataki
4D482D04 1456E7A6

Have Bridge Matataki
4D482CEC 1456E7A6

Have Earth A Matataki
4D482FD4 1456E7A6

Have Earth B Matataki
4D482EBC 1456E7A6

Have Ruty's Store Queens
4D4DEC34 1456E7A6

Have Suzy's Store Queens
4D4DEC1C 1456E7A6

Have Lana's Store Queens
4D4DEF04 1456E7A6

Have Jack's Store Queens
4D4DEEEC 1456E7A6

Have Joker's House Queens
4D4DF1D4 1456E7A6

Have Divining House Queens
4D4DF0BC 1456E7A6

Have Cathedral Queens
4D4DF3A4 1456E7A6

Have Basker's Store Queens
4D4DF28C 1456E7A6

Have King's Hideout Queens
4D4DF574 1456E7A6

Have Sheriff's Office Queens
4D4DF45C 1456E7A6

Have Fountain Queens
4D4DF744 1456E7A6

Have Leaning Tower Queens
4D4DF62C 1456E7A6

Have Tree Queens
4D4DF614 1456E7A6

Have Road Queens
4D4DF9FC 1456E7A6

Have Chief's House Muska
4D4DEC34 1456E7A6

Have Jibubu's House Muska
4D4DEC1C 1456E7A6

Have Zabo's House Muska
4D4DEF04 1456E7A6

Have 3 Sister House Muska
4D4DEEEC 1456E7A6

Have Brooke's House Muska
4D4DF1D4 1456E7A6

Have Enga's House Muska
4D4DF0BC 1456E7A6

Have Prisoner Cabin Muska
4D4DF3A4 1456E7A6

Have Toto's House Muska
4D4DF28C 1456E7A6

Have Totem Pole A Muska
4D4DF574 1456E7A6

Have Totem Pole B Muska
4D4DF45C 1456E7A6

Have Totem Pole C Muska
4D4DF744 1456E7A6

Have Oasis Muska
4D4DF62C 1456E7A6

Have Tree Muska
4D4DF614 1456E7A6

Have Road Muska
4D4DF9FC 1456E7A6

All Cave Levels Available Norune
4D5C5B2E 1456E1A5

Weapon 1 All Anti's Maxed Toan
1D5C5D9C F5734488
1D5C5DA0 F5734488
4D5C5DA4 14564488

Weapon 2 All Anti's Maxed Toan
1D5C5C94 F5734488
1D5C5C98 F5734488
4D5C5C9C 14564488

Weapon 3 All Anti's Maxed Toan 
1D5C5F8C F5734488
1D5C5F90 F5734488
4D5C5F94 14564488

Weapon 4 All Anti's Maxed Toan 
1D5C5E84 F5734488
1D5C5E88 F5734488
4D5C5E8C 14564488

Weapon 5 All Anti's Maxed Toan 
1D5C617C F5734488
1D5C6180 F5734488
4D5C6184 14564488

Weapon 6 All Anti's Maxed Toan 
1D5C6074 F5734488
1D5C6078 F5734488
4D5C607C 14564488

Weapon 7 All Anti's Maxed Toan 
1D5C636C F5734488
1D5C6370 F5734488
4D5C6374 14564488

Weapon 8 All Anti's Maxed Toan 
1D5C6264 F5734488
1D5C6268 F5734488
4D5C626C 14564488

Weapon 9 All Anti's Maxed Toan 
1D5C655C F5734488
1D5C6560 F5734488
4D5C6564 14564488

Weapon 10 All Anti's Maxed Toan 
1D5C6454 F5734488
1D5C6458 F5734488
4D5C645C 14564488

Press UP On +Pad For All Norune Village Parts
DCB39328 142C0445
1D5C1134 1455E7A5
1D5C1138 1453E7A7
1D5C113C 1459E7A1
1D5C1140 1457E7A3
1D5C1144 144DE79D
1D5C1148 144BE79F
1D5C114C 1451E799
1D5C1150 144FE79B
1D5C1154 1445E7B5
1D5C1158 1443E7B7
1D5C115C 142EE7B1
1D5C1160 142CE7BE
1D5C1164 1432E7C0
1D5C1168 1430E7BA
1D5C116C 1426E7BC
1D5C1170 1424E7D6
1D5C1174 142AE7D8
1D5C1178 1427E7D3

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