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City Crisis

Enable Code Must Be On!
ECB6A980 1435371C

All Levels Cheat
4CCEA558 1456B00C
4CCEA560 1456B00C

All Machines Cheat
1CCEA564 143FE7AC
1CCEA568 143FE7AC

Infinite Time Cheat
1CAE2CA0 1456E7A5

Infinite Passengers
3CAE2FCC 1456E7A5

Massive Score Cheat
1CAE2BF0 17E9C70C

Press Select For No Time Remaining
0CAE2860 1456E6A5

Infinite Damage
4CAB3E54 1456E4FD

Infinite Water
4CAE2EEA 1456F025

Infinite Water Bombs
4CAE2EE4 1456E7D7

99 Others Rescued
4CAE2B04 1456E788

99 Fire Spot Rescued
4CAE2BFC 1456E788

0 Dead Final Rescue
4CAE2A50 1456E7A5

1 Rescue To Complete The Final Rescue
0CAE2A54 1456E7A6
4CAE2A54 1456E7AB

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