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Ultimate Stuntman

If one code doesn't work, try the other code.

GXUAOKVK        Don't lose a life on Ground Pursuit, Boat and Hang Glider stages
AAOTOIZA / AENVNGZA     Start with 1 life (first credit only)
IAOTOIZA / IENVNGZA     Start with 6 lives (first credit only)
AAOTOIZE / AENVNGZE     Start with 9 lives (first credit only)
SZEIPUVK / SXNSYXVK     Infinite time
SXXSVUVK / SXXSNUVK     Infinite 'Crez' weapon until end of stage
PEXXOAIE / PEXXSATE     9 seconds on clock pick-up
AEEZSPZA / AEOZXPZA     Full energy on pick-up
NYXXXVAN / NYXXVVAN     Shield lasts longer on Human Fly stages
AGXXXVAY / AGXXVVAY     Shield lasts a shorter time on  Human Fly stages
SZOUZXVK / SXNXKNVK     Don't lose a life against end-of-stage bosses and on 
Street Combat stages
SXXLVSVK / SXXUXSVK     Don't lose a life on Human Fly stages
OVXZNPSV + PEXXEONY / OVUZKPSV + PEUZSONY     Minimum damage taken

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