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Twin Cobra

SZVSGXVK        Infinite lives
SZNYXOVK        Infinite bombs
AEUGZIZA        Start with 1 life
IEUGZIZA        Start with 6 lives
AEUGZIZE        Start with 9 lives
AANKLTZA        Start with 1 life after a continue
IANKLTZA        Start with 6 lives after a continue
AANKLTZE        Start with 9 lives after a continue
AAKKYTPA        Infinite continues
PEOKIIIE        9 continues
ZAEGKILE        Start with 9 bombs
GPEGKILA        Start with 20 bombs
ZANIAZLE        9 bombs after dying
GPNIAZLA        20 bombs after dying
AAOYVOLP        Autofire
GZNITZSA        Keep weapon type after death
GZNSAZSA        Keep super chargers after death

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