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Swords and Serpents

VANGKTVE        All characters have Scale Armor
UEEKSTOE        Warriors start with a Great Sword
KEEKSTOE        Warriors start with a Great Axe
SEEGETSE        Magicians start with a Wizard's Wand
YPKGSTLE        Magicians start with more spells
LAKKXTAA        Magicians have greater spells
GZKYLGOY        Spells use up no magic points
XEOGVTXE        Thieves start with a Long Sword
KEOGVTXA        Thieves start with an Axe
TPXGNVZE + TPXKSVZE     Start with 30 health points each
ZLXGNVZA + ZLXKSVZA     Start with 50 health points each

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