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Rolling Thunder

PEOVLALA        Start with 1 life
TEOVLALA        Start with 6 lives
PEOVLALE        Start with 9 lives
SZEVYZVG        Stop timer
PASPYZLA        Start with 1 life after continue
TASPYZLA        Start with 6 lives after continue
PASPYZLE        Start with 9 lives after continue
AEEVSAZE        Start with increased life meter 
EKSTEAGV        200 machine gun bullets on pick-up
SUOZPXVS        300 machine gun and 300 normal bullets on pick-up
GOKVNAZL        Gain fewer bullets on pick-up
EKXVZAZU        Start with 200 bullets
EGKVKLZU        200 bullets on each new life
ZLVITYPA        Self-replenishing bullets!
LEXTZAAA + LAKTKLAA     Start with loads of ammunition!
SZNTULVG + SZSTULVG     Infinite lives

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