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The Ren & Stimpy Show Buckeroos

NYOYXLYE        Infinite health
NYUVOZTE        Infinite lives
PEUAPZLA        Start with 2 lives
IEUAPZLA        Start with 6 lives
YEUAPZLA        Start with 8 lives
PEUAPZLE        Start with 10 lives
VNXELSSO        Start with $11 instead of 0
OUEAXXOO        Infinite collectibles
YPEYOUGU        Shorter invincibility after getting hit
ITEYOUGL        Longer invincibility after getting hit
ZAXNPZIA        2 custard pies picked up
PAXNPZIE        9 custard pies picked up
OZEEPYES + PAEEZYZZ     Start on Rescue the Maiden level
OZEEPYES + PAEEZYZZ + SAEELNVV     Start on Out West level
OZEEPYES + ZAEEZYZZ + SAEELNVV     Start on Robin Hoek level

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