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Mega Man 5

GXSEYZSA        Infinite Mega Man energy
GXXAAIVG        Infinite lives
XAKSUTEA        Start with at least 2 energy tanks
VAKSUTEA        Start with at least 6 energy tanks
XASIOTEA        Start with at least 2 mega-tanks
VASIOTEA        Start with at least 6 mega-tanks
GXSEPZVG        Infinite mega-tanks on pick-up
GZSATPVG        Infinite energy tanks on pick-up
PEVLLPGA        Starting weapons use less energy
YEXETAIA + ONUELEUN     Super-jumping Mega Man
PEXETAIA + NNUELEUY     Mega-jumping Mega Man
OVNLZISV + OTKPYISV     Infinite energy for most weapons

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