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Knight Rider

SZXSYTSA        Infinite shield 
SZEXUNVK        Infinite missiles
GXXZSVVK        Infinite laser
AEVALAZA        Start with 1 life after continue
IEVALAZA        Start with 6 lives after continue 
AEVALAZE        Start with 9 lives after continue
SXXEGEVK + SXKEIEVK     Infinite lives 
AANKOAZA + VTNKSESE     Start with 1 life
IANKOAZA + VTNKSESE     Start with 6 lives 
SZKZYOSU + LYKXAOTT     Start with 99 missiles
SZSZLOSU + PYSZGPGN     Start with 99 lasers
SZUZAOSU + ATUZPPTV     Start with full gasoline
SZUXGOSU + ITUXIOZV     Start with full shield

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