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The Karate Kid

SZOEKAVG        Infinite chances 
SXEXLYVG        Infinite crane kicks
SZNXAYVG        Infinite drum punches on pick-up 
PENEZTLA        Start with 1 chance
TENEZTLA        Start with 6 chances 
PENEZTLE        Start with 9 chances
AAKVUGGE        8 crane kicks in 1-player game
AAKVKGGE        8 crane kicks in 2-player game 
IAKVSGAA        Player 1 has 5 cranes in 'one on one'
ZAKVVGPA        Start on stage 2, 1-player game
ZAKVNGPA        Start on stage 2, 2-player game
LAKVVGPA        Start on stage 3, 1-player game
LAKVNGPA        Start on stage 3, 2-player game 
GAKVVGPA        Start on stage 4, 1-player game
GAKVNGPA        Start on stage 4, 2-player game

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