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Demon Sword

AESVLTPA        Infinite powers and lives 
SXSIYASA        Infinite lives 
AEVSUIZA        Start game with 1 life
IEVSUIZA        Start game with 6 lives 
AEVSUIZE        Start game with 9 lives
SZKGTTSA        Infinite life energy 
VTVTAESX        Phoenix always rescues you 
SLNNANSO        Infinite fire/lightning/power beams on pick up 
VTNXAOSE        Extra dart strength 
PANZLPAA + ATNXAOSA     Start on level 2
ZANZLPAA + ATNXAOSA     Start on level 3
LANZLPAA + ATNXAOSA     Start on level 4 
GANZLPAA + ATNXAOSA     Start on level 5
IANZLPAA + ATNXAOSA     Start on level 6
XZNZGPSA + VEEZYOSE     Start with 44 red spheres
XZNZGPSA + VEEXZOSE     Start with 44 black spheres
XZNZGPSA + VANXLOSE     Start with 44 fire spheres 
XZNZGPSA + VANXTOSE     Start with 44 lightning bolts
XZNZGPSA + VEEZPOSE     Start with 44 power beams

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