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Super Battletank

05E-42D-2A2     Start with 5 shells
63E-42D-2A2     Start with 99 shells
05E-4DD-E6E     Start with 5 laser shots
63E-4DD-E6E     Start with 99 laser shots
05E-58D-E6E     Start with 5 smoke shots
63E-58D-E6E     Start with 99 smoke shots
05E-63D-B30     Start with 5 bullets
63E-63D-B30     Start with 99 bullets
15E-72D-195     Start with very little fuel
E0B-00C-2A9     Infinite damage
005-95C-3BE     Infinite ammo
C9D-E1D-2A9     Infinite fuel

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