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Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

Unlimited health:
Quickly press L, R, L, R, Y(4), X(2) during game play. 

Unlock gallery pictures and FMV sequences: 
Quickly press L, R, L, R, Y(2), A(2), Z, B, Z, B 
during game play.

Show objects:
Press L, R, L, R, Y(2), X, B(2), X, Z(2) during game play. 
The locations of hidden Opals, Bilbies, Golden Cogs, 
Rainbow Scales, and Thunder Eggs will be shown with 
colored lines from the sky (Opals and Rainbow Scales 
with a green line, Golden Cogs with a gold line, 
Thunder Eggs with a purple line, and Bilbies with a whitish line).

Aquarang, Elemental Boomerangs, Dive and Swim abilities:
Press L, R, L, R, Y(2), B(2), Y, B during game play. 

Press L, R, L, R, Y(3), B, Y, B during game play. 

Ending bonus:
Successfully complete the game with all cogs, eggs, 
and opals collected for a 100% completion to unlock a
bonus level, an extra FMV sequence after the ending 
credits, and the ''Movies'' option at the extras menu. 

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